Keeping Your Family and Finances Safe

There is a simple solution for making an unexpected tragedy, more simple for your loved ones. This solution is the: The Revocable Trust. This legal document plans and organizes your estate, much like a will, except that it avoids probate and prevents the court from controlling your assets upon your death. A revocable trust is a way to protect your family from the costs and time lost in probate, not to mention the stress. If you wish to protect your family and your finances, a Revocable Living Trust is your answer. 

When creating an estate plan with a revocable trust, you simply execute the documents and re-title your assets like bank accounts, stocks and real estate into the name of your trust. For example, the names on these assets would change from “Bob and Mary Smith” to “Bob and Mary Smith, Co-Trustees of the Smith Family Trust.”  You retain complete control of everything just like before; you can sell the home and other assets.  By creating an estate plan with a revocable trust, you can save your beneficiaries thousands of dollars in legal and other fees and unnecessary delays that can go on for months or even years.  In addition, you can eliminate much of the emotional strain that can be caused by your death and the settling of your estate. Call The Kahn Law Firm at (626) 765-4469 for a customized plan to keep your family and finances safe from the Probate process.